Jeremy Hilton a genuine local person as Gloucester’s next MP

Jerem Hilton outside Gloucester Cathedral

Jerem Hilton outside Gloucester Cathedral

Jeremy Hilton was born, educated and works in Gloucester. He lives in the heart of the city close to the cathedral and vows that his fight is for a stronger and fairer Gloucester.

He has fought the Gloucester seat three times before in 1987, 2005 and 2010 and has worked tirelessly for his home city for decades.

With 22 years public service as a local councillor in Gloucester, Jeremy has the experience and determination to represent the city as its next MP. 

He has a good understanding of business having run his own import business in Gloucester and has been a director of Gloucestershire Airport Limited for seven years. 

Nationally, Jeremy Hilton is the party’s local government spokesperson for the fire and rescue service and he is the chairperson of the LGA’s Fire Service Management Committee. 

As the next MP for Gloucester, Jeremy Hilton will work hard for a strong economy and fairer society, by-

  • campaigning for good education for all Gloucester children and free school meals for everyone at primary school
  • delivering better rail connections to Gloucester and a new central bus station
  • raising the income tax free allowance to £12,500 and securing the triple lock, in law, for state pensions
  • securing Gloucester’s regeneration with UNESCO World Heritage Site status for the cathedral, whilst building more affordable homes for young families
  • increasing the number of apprenticeships for young people and ensuring a diverse and growing economy in Gloucester
  • guaranteeing equal care and waiting times for mental health as for physical health, by increasing spending on the NHS

Jeremy Hilton is a local man, born and bred – he will fight for a strong and fairer Gloucester, in a way that only a local MP can.

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