Why I am voting to remain in the EU


I shall be voting to remain in the European Union. I voted yes in 1975 and I have never regretted that decision. My primary reason at that time was that I wanted peace in Europe. My parents and grandparents generation had been involved in two world wars that had ruined the lives of millions of Europeans. I never wanted this to happen again. As Churchill said; “jaw jaw is better than war war”.

In the last forty years we have seen Spain, Portugal and Greece become democracies and also all the countries in Eastern Europe as well. The EU helped this happen, a country must be a democracy to be a member.

In a global world, European countries need to work together to protect our environment, security and economy. Britain’s place must be around the table making the rules that make this happen. Though Britain is a net contributor to the EU it more than makes this up, eight fold, in the extra revenues gained by British businesses trading within the single market. To leave could see our car industry, for example, losing its duty free status with the imposition of a 10% tariff on all cars sold on the continent.

I shall also be voting to remain for the benefit of future generations. The EU provides opportunities for our young people to work and study abroad. The benefits of the EU are multitude, but I end with one example, the European Health Insurance Card, issued free of charge, which provides us all with medical protection when we travel within the EU.