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  1. Mavis Stephenson says:

    Hi Jeremy – My neighbours let me know that the new cycle lane on London Road means that there is to be no parking – 24-7-365 and that even stopping to load/unload will not be permitted. Residents were not fully informed of this and I’m sure you weren’t either. Please could you let me know how our bins are to be collected if stopping is not permitted? Will Royal Mail be allowed to park their van so they can deliver the post? Other deliveries? Considering all the proposed ‘new’ traffic resulting from the 20 flats being built at 120 London Road and the flats being built in the old London Road Surgery – what about parking for all those vehicles and for the houses that are multiple occupancy?

    • jeremyhilton says:


      I handed in the petition that you signed calling for the on street parking to be re-instated. You have my support.


  2. Geoff Wills says:

    Danters fun fare is advertised by Martin Masson as being available over the holiday next week on St. Oswalds Road. Have they got planning permission? Do they need planning permission?
    They have not contacted any of the residents to inform them. I am right next door, afraid of the noise and proximity.

  3. Sue Sinton says:


    We have just received the Council’s notification that, as from next Friday 30th October, there will be no parking / stopping / unloading or loading on our section of Cheltenham Road – until 29th April 2022!!

    How on earth are people supposed to take delivery of furniture / large garden supplies / large electrical goods / courier parcels – etc. etc. etc? Our own drive is too steep to allow large lorries to reverse up into it – not to mention the road hazard that would cause to passing traffic. And how is anyone supposed to move house, if their drive is unsuited to access by large lorries?

    I can imagine that the Amazon delivery drivers are going to be thrilled that they have to drive in and out of each individual drive up and down this road! And what a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists that will be!!!

    Does anyone actually think all this through? OBVIOUSLY NOT!!

    Can you do your best to work some sense into this scheme please? Otherwise all the residents concerned will be having some of their basic freedoms taken away – so that the occasional cyclist can enjoy an uneventful pedal!

    Many thanks,

  4. I rang you on 14th September 2021 to discuss the closure of Alvin Street, Gloucester.
    We are CBF Fulfilment trading in Alvin Street and need to inform our deliveries and customers about this closure.
    Please ring me on Monday for email back urgently as we have not be informed personally about this closure.
    Jackie Bullock
    Tel: 01452 346832

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