Getting the Wellington Parade Garden fully established

Wellington Parade Garden – Dec 22

The Conservative controlled city council hasn’t covered itself in glory over the creation of the Wellington Parade Garden, which was finally reopened at the end of October.

A new footpath has been laid out through it and the old brick wall taken down. Unfortunately, the newly planted shrubs and plants died during the summer and new ones had to be planted.

At the 7th December cabinet I challenged the cabinet members to sort out the snags and ensure that the new garden gets regular maintenance. It must become an attractive focal point at this location on London Road.

Fire damaged section of fence

This is my question

“There have been some teething problems in creating the Wellington Parade Garden on London Road.

“It’s been redesigned after comprehensive public consultation into a form that should encourage pedestrian movements though it and discourage street drinkers congregating there day after day.

“Could the cabinet member please give me an assurance that the snagging problems will be resolved, with extra care being given to allowing the shrubs, trees and other plants to become well established in the garden?”

Here is Cllr. Raymond Padilla’s answer

“The redevelopment of the site has been completed. The garden was officially opened and available to the public on the 28th October 2022.”

“Assurances can be given that the snagging problems are being resolved, the shrubs, trees and other plants are being cared for allowing them to become well established in the garden.

“We are working with Emerging Futures who are currently litter picking as and when required. They are also going to be painting the fence and repairing the fire damaged area.

“Volunteers will also be planting bulbs to bring some colour to the area for Spring 2023 as well as ongoing upkeep of existing planting.

Here are some other agreed actions

  • Strong guards are to be put around the two trees.
  • Street name plates will be installed for both Great Western Road and Wellington Parade.
  • Work will be carried out to ensure the small brick wall cannot be sat on.
  • Both myself and Cllr. Angela Conder will keep a watching brief on the new garden as it beds in

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