Do you have an idea for how you can bring your community together?

Funding now available from the Community Infrastructure Levy for residents and communities to apply for.

The first tranche of funds of just over £70,000 comes from Glevum Green development. It is critical we get applications for projects based in Kingsholm. Get your ideas in by 22nd of July.

What is the Community Infrastructure Levy?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) allows councils in England and Wales to raise funds from developers carrying out projects in their area to fund a wide range of facilities and services needed to support the new development.

CIL is calculated on a square meter basis and each council has its own charging schedule which states the rates for different types and scales of development.

Gloucester City Council has funding available from recent developments and we would like to offer the opportunity for communities to apply.

We are welcoming ideas for new and/or existing projects of up to £3,000 which support at least one of the following:

• Improve community facilities and the environment
• Have a wellbeing focus that actively tackle issues such as exclusion and isolation
• Contribute to diverse and inclusive communities
• Have an environmental focus that actively addresses climate change
• Improve access to volunteering, training or employment opportunities
• Celebrate cultural diversity

We are also welcoming ideas for larger grants of up to £15,000 which support at least one of the following themes:

• Ideas that address and combat climate change
• Ideas that enhance the natural environment
• Ideas that support equality, diversity and inclusion

What next?
Send an email to with your ward councillors which answers the following questions…

What is your project?
How does your project benefit others in your community?
Who is involved in planning and delivering the project?
Who is giving their time to support this project?
What will those involved in the project be contributing?
What will have changed in your community and when do you hope to see a difference?
How much are applying for and what will it be spent on?
Important dates
Applications for the funding will be open from Monday 13th June until closing on 22nd July.

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