New petition calls for change to planning rules for Houses in Multiple Occupation

Kingsholm Liberal Democrats have launched a new petition to stop the area being overwhelmed by Houses in Multiple Occupation.

Family homes are being converted into properties suitable for renting and can lead to issues with noise, rubbish and parking.

There can also be problems with getting landlords to deal with incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Current planning rules do not require permission for new HMOs of less than six people.

Areas such as St Paul’s in Cheltenham have an Article 4 Direction, which requires planning permission for all new HMOs.

Liberal Democrat councillors Jeremy Hilton and Isabel Brazil recently tried in vain to persuade the Tory administration on the city council to do a housing stock survey immediately, which would be a precursor to an Article 4 designation for Kingsholm.

Councillor Isabel Brazil said: “It has been noticeable that in recent times more and more family homes in Kingsholm are being converted into Houses in Multiple Occupation.

“This is changing the nature of the community as absentee landlords buy up homes and let rooms to individuals to maximise their income.”

Councillor Jeremy Hilton added: “We are raising a petition to demand that the city council starts work right now on preparing the evidence to apply for Article 4 Direction to the Secretary of State.

“We cannot have Kingsholm overrun by HMOs, we need a fair balance.”

The petition can be signed here

8 thoughts on “New petition calls for change to planning rules for Houses in Multiple Occupation

  1. Kate says:

    We live down Deans Walk and there are a large number of student houses around which provide a number of problems. Noise, rubbish, parking problems to name a few and the landlord never responds to us if we have anything to speak to him about, even if it’s just a simple question about shared guttering or something.

    These houses are perfect for families as well and it’s such a shame to see these beautiful old houses being modified to cram as many residents in them as possible so the landlord(s) can make as much money as possible.

  2. Julie Stephenson says:

    As a resident who moved into the area because of its family community I am increasingly concerned about the nature of the change in our area.
    I have witnessed landlords buy property and convert them without planning permission or any regard for neighbouring families.
    We live in a conservation area but the very fabric of what is to be conserved is being eroded by the buy to let landlords who are converting family properties into HMO’s.
    Family homes are having major structural work done to enable more people to live in accommodation that was only designed for single family occupancy.
    There are vast sums of money, relatively speaking going into the production of these HMO’s that add nothing to the local area but provide good incomes for remote landlords.
    We the residents on the other hand have to deal with the antisocial aspects and increase in congestion on our residential streets.
    I am asking the council, in good faith to uphold this measure and support its community as it is elected and trusted to do so.

  3. anthony hibberd says:

    about time remember the hall of residence no cars ????

  4. Nicky says:

    Fed up with the lack of parking and the students who seem to have no thought for anyone else who lives here. I was walking with my 2 year old child along Oxford road picking up my other child from school one afternoon. A group of male students were out drinking and shouting in the street, one was relieving himself against a car wheel IN FRONT OF MY 2 YEAR OLD! Disgusting anyway but just shows the complete lack of respect. They’re kids, I understand they want to have fun but it’s getting beyond the joke. With so many HMO properties in such close proximity it becomes a street party for them. The houses in this area have beautiful period features, they are being stripped of that and turned into buildings that can never be restored. This is a conservation area. The council have an obligation to conserve these beautiful houses and stop the mass production of HMO’s. The greedy landlords have no interest in maintaining the character of the houses their only perogative is to fill their bank accounts.

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