My questions for cabinet at the county council 17th March

Jeremy Hilton campaigning to resolve empty homes problem

These are my written question to cabinet members at the county council being held virtually on the 17th March. It’s one of my tasks to keep the Tories on their toes. To challenge constructively.

Q1 – Vernon Smith
What is the outcome of the study carried out by Severn Trent, in collaboration with the county council, into the August 2020 floods that impacted on parts of Kingsholm?

Q2 – Lynden Stowe
Does the county council own any land at Javelin Park that is not used by UBB and which may be free for non-incinerator uses?
If so what is the size of the unused land?

Q3 – Nigel Moor
Has the county council received the annual report from Allstone about their search for an alternative site to relocate their stone crushing, recycling, aggregates and skip hire business to?

Q4 – Dave Norman
When will the Kingsholm parking review be completed?

Q5 – Vernon Smith
After so many years of Tory control why are there as so many potholes all over the county?

Q6 – Patrick Molyneux
What plans do you have to build a new non-selective secondary to serve the north of Gloucester?

Q7 – Vernon Smith
Will you join me in condemning the persons who vandalised the speed survey equipment on Sandhurst Lane Gloucester?

Q8 – Nigel Moor/Lynden Stowe
What discussions have been had with the county council over plans} to locate an eco-park at the site of the Hempsted Landfill facility? 

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