My best wishes to you all, take care and stay safe. I hope that now two vaccines have been approved life will return to normal this coming year.

People across Kingsholm & Wotton county division pulled together brilliantly to help each other get through 2020. From our fabulous NHS and key workers to individuals volunteering to help their neighbours.

2020 has been the busiest year ever for me as a local councillor.

I have dealt many issues ranging from the impact of the pandemic, the new cycle route on London Road, tackling anti-social behaviour, the effects of the flooding during August, repairing our roads and footways, to raising petitions to save Kingsholm’s family homes and lobbying Sainsbury’s to try and stop them closing their Northgate Street…and much more!

It’s a great please to serve you on the council, I expect 2021 to be just as busy, do contact me, I’m here to help.

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