August storms and flooding – Jeremy Hilton asks residents to send him their photos etc

Flooding in Oxford Road

On the 12th and 16th of August some streets in Kingsholm suffered from flash flooding due to heavy rain.

It is clearly a problem with the drainage system not being able to cope and that might be because:-

  1. The drains were blocked
  2. There is an underground blockage in the system
  3. The drainage system, because if its age doesn’t have the capacity
Oxford Road flooded

Jeremy Hilton has already asked the county council to clean out the drains in Kingsholm with special attention to these roads, which now have a works number.

  • Alexandra Road – GCC Ref 11281370
  • Estcourt Road – GCC Ref 11281372
  • Oxford Road – GCC Ref 11281374
  • Honyatt Road – GCC Ref 11281375
  • Henry Road – GCC Ref 11281376

Jeremy said: “I now need your help? I have requested a full investigation into the cause of the flooding. I need evidence from local residents.

“Have I missed any areas that had flooding? Please let me know.

“If you have photographic evidence can you email me digital photos that I can pass onto officers.

“My email address is:

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