Kingsholm parking review about to start

Jeremy Hilton: congested Oxford Road will be surveyed

The county council’s long-awaited review of on-street parking in Kingsholm is just about to start and should be completed by November this year.

The first stage of the project will be a camera car survey this month to carried by contractors Atkins. This will take vehicle data to establish the occupancy, parking stress and demand on an area as well as duration of stay and generally how far people have travelled to park, i.e. are they local to area, the street, city or come further away.

The survey will take place over a week, picking two or three days that week and carrying out the surveys three times a day.  The results of the traffic survey will take a month to come back. Afterwards, an informal consultation will be done from March to May with residents and businesses.

Survey area highlighted

 Local Lib Dem councillors Jeremy Hilton and Isabel Brazil are pleased that work on the review is starting. They have received loads of complaints from residents about parking congestion in Kingsholm. They have passed on several emails to the traffic manager about parking problems.

Cllr. Jeremy Hilton said:

“The streets in Kingsholm are overloaded with commuters parking in residential streets leaving little space during the daytime for residents to park up near to their home.  There many properties in the ward which do not have off street parking. 

“The survey area will consider most streets in Kingsholm. Hopefully, at the end of the project we will have parking regulations that are fit for purpose.”

Cllr. Isabel Brazil said:

“Parking congestion in Kingsholm is a problem. We do encourage residents to write to us and we shall pass all comments onto the parking manager to form part of the evidence.”


  • Informal consultation with residents – March to May
  • Statutory consultation – June to July
  • Formal Advertising preparation – June to July
  • Formal advertising responses – July to August
  • Traffic order amendments – Sept
  • Traffic Regulation Order sign off – Oct
  • Making Traffic Regulation Order –  Nov
  • Implementation work – Nov

3 thoughts on “Kingsholm parking review about to start

  1. Me David streeter says:

    We have waited over 20 years for this to be sorted out. I’m hopefull it will be in residence favour

  2. Glenn Satterthwaite says:

    I live in Edwy parade, alongside kingsholm square we have a huge problem with lack of resident parking. The square on street parking gets filled each day by workers leaving their cars for the day leaving very few for the residents. I would welcome a resident permit scheme to be introduced.

  3. Rod and Kim Creese says:

    We are residents of Henry Road for 30 years and whilst we appreciate that parking has become an issue we feel that imposing a parking charge is basically a back handed way of imposing another tax on us. Whilst parking requires a little bit of patience parking outside our home is not necessary and will not necessarily be improved by parking permits. We also feel that relatives and friends who come to visit us will be charged and limited for the privilege which is not the case for most other areas in Gloucester. We feel that if the council provided cheap easily accessible parking for hospital staff and people working in Gloucester centre this situation would not arise. Why should the residents of Kingsholm be penalised for where they have chosen to live most of us for many years.

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