Residents Parking Permit Review

Gloucestershire County Council is about to embark on a countywide review of residents’ permit parking zones. It is expected that this will start on 1st of April. We have been assured that Kingsholm will be considered early in the review.

The county council will consider the current parking zone areas to see if amendments are required.

The following streets will also be considered as potential areas to be included in the residents parking permits scheme.

Area 1 – North end of Deans Way, Sandhurst Road, Edwy Parade, & Kingsholm Square

Area 2 – Hinton Road, Malvern Road, North Road & Seabroke Road

Area 3 – Sebert Street, Oxford Road, Henry Road, Henry Street & Honyatt Road – plus parts of Heathville Road and Denmark Road.

Jeremy Hilton said: “Both Isabel Brazil and I have received a number of requests for residents parking zones to be introduced in Kingsholm. I am disappointed that a review should take place at same time as the permit fees are due to go up. However, there is serious commuter congestion in some streets that can only be resolved with a residents’ permit scheme.”

Isabel Brazil said: “Changes to the permit zones will only go ahead if supported by a majority of residents living in the area. The county council will fully consult.”

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