Residents Parking Permit Review

Gloucestershire County Council is about to embark on a countywide review of residents’ permit parking zones. It is expected that this will start on 1st of April. We have been assured that Kingsholm will be considered early in the review.

The county council will consider the current parking zone areas to see if amendments are required.

The following streets will also be considered as potential areas to be included in the residents parking permits scheme.

Area 1 – North end of Deans Way, Sandhurst Road, Edwy Parade, & Kingsholm Square

Area 2 – Hinton Road, Malvern Road, North Road & Seabroke Road

Area 3 – Sebert Street, Oxford Road, Henry Road, Henry Street & Honyatt Road – plus parts of Heathville Road and Denmark Road.

Jeremy Hilton said: “Both Isabel Brazil and I have received a number of requests for residents parking zones to be introduced in Kingsholm. I am disappointed that a review should take place at same time as the permit fees are due to go up. However, there is serious commuter congestion in some streets that can only be resolved with a residents’ permit scheme.”

Isabel Brazil said: “Changes to the permit zones will only go ahead if supported by a majority of residents living in the area. The county council will fully consult.”

15 thoughts on “Residents Parking Permit Review

  1. Heather Chambers says:

    I have lived in Oxford Road for over 30 years and I will NOT be paying for the privilege of parking in my own road!
    Yes, it is difficult to park outside my house and it doesn’t happen very often, but as long as I can park somewhere else in the road then I’m not bothered.

    • jeremyhilton says:

      Heather thanks for your comments. Last time residents parking was considered the residents of Oxford Road voted no. However, since then some have asked for residents parking to be introduced. The consultation will determine whether parking scheme is introduced or not.

    • Greg Hutt says:

      Your not prepared to pay 5 pound a month to park in your own road?. I live in swan road and it’s worth every penny. Think about it instead of being a tight arse. Your clearly begging for permits to happen.

  2. Simon Ellis says:

    I am heavily in favour of expanding the residents parking permit zone to include more of Kingsholm. Parking has become a nightmare in recent years & the commuters who use our streets for parking show know regard for the people that live there.
    We live on Honyatt Road, have a garage & driveway, but accessing them can often be difficult due to non residents inconsiderate parking!

  3. Anne Cook says:


    Are you able to say which sections of Denmark Road & Heathville Road will be permit zones

    Thank you

    Anne Cook

    • jeremyhilton says:

      Currently it is just the areas marked on the map. Residents parking is being suggested where most houses don’t have off street parking. Time limited parking could be considered in other streets. But, this will cause a problem for your visitors. The consultation still has to start. I will forwarded your comments to the traffic regulations officer.

  4. Suzanne easton says:

    This does not seem to include Lansdown Road – where all the other cars will go if there is resident permit parking on the side roads. Where does that leave residents of Lansdown Road? With nowhere to park? How do they get included in this review?

    And what if your house is on a corner of two roads, one with restrictions and one without?

    I don’t see how you can cut an area up like this, and expect it to suit everyone. It should be either all or nothing.

    I have great sympathy for Kingsholm residents who have rugby, commuter, university student, hospital and school attendees all parking in the area. It is notable how quiet the streets are during the summer and Christmas holidays.

    • jeremyhilton says:

      The zones for consideration are the ones provided by the county council. The basically include areas where most houses do not have off street parking. I will forwarded your comments about Lansdown Road. Problem here is that every house has off street parking.

  5. Lydia says:

    When will we find out the result of the consultation and will we have opportunity to give our opinions on this as residents? Seems unfair to punish the residents purely because commuters and hospital workers are too tight to pay for their own parking.

    • jeremyhilton says:

      The consultation hasn’t begun. I’m waiting for this to be announced. Some residents are asking for scheme to be introduced, just so they can park near their homes. It not about punishing anyone, but about better management of on-street parking. Without it commuters can clog up the streets all day long.

  6. Liz says:

    We live in Deans Way and are keen to be involved in the process and would welcome residents parking permits. We have lived here for 25 years and the parking has never been so bad as it is now, we quite often can’t park in our street let alone near our house.
    We are very much in favour of residents parking permits and happy to pay the fee.

  7. Katherine says:

    Will the consultation bear in mind the fact that a large number of residents on Oxford Rd are students and will therefore vote against? I wouldn’t want the vote swayed by a vast majority who only reside here for a certain number of weeks per year and have a large number of cars between them!

  8. A.Middleton says:

    I live in Alexandra Road and have Elizabeth House, Alexander House, Cherry Tree Lodge plus two more additional care facilities within close proximity of one another down our street. All of their staff and the staff at Gloucestershire hospital use our street as a glorified NCP car park. Parking is awful. I’m registered disabled and have made an application for a disabled bay but because I can’t even park in our street, let alone outside my property the line painters can’t come and put the marking’s on the road.

    I’m all for permit holders only. It’s just a shame that as residents we have to foot the financial shortfall because other people are inconsiderate and abuse the system.

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