Objections pile in on Allstone’s planning application

The county council has received forty individual objections opposing the planning application by Allstone to carry on stone crushing for three more years at its Myers Road site.

Receiving petition from local residents

Receiving petition from local residents

Lib Dem county councillor, Jeremy Hilton has also received a petition with over 90 signatures from local residents opposing the plan. He handed the petition to the chair of the planning committee at the last county council meeting.

Jeremy Hilton said: “I have personally sent in my own objections to planning application and I have agreement that the planning committee will determine the application rather than being done under officer delegated powers.

“I have spoken to a number of local residents at Swallow Park who would like this application refused. They are concerned about the county council’s ability to enforce the planning permission if it were to be approved. They are fed up with the noise and dust that emanates from it.

“The people living nearby at Swallow Park and Armscroft Estate have already suffered from four years of noise and dust from the operation of the stone crushing. This application is the third to seek temporary permission. When does temporary use become semi permanent. Do residents deserve another three years of dust and noise? I believe it is now time to close down stone crushing so near to the homes of families in my division. This sort of business should not be operating in an urban environment. I urge the planning committee to refuse permission.”

The earliest the application could be heard is at the March committee. Officers have asked for additional information from Allstone in respect to noise, air quality and landscaping.”

The county council is still receiving written comments on the application. Go online to www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/planning – Ref No: 15/0077/GLMAJW

4 thoughts on “Objections pile in on Allstone’s planning application

  1. Mr R M ansell says:

    As a resident of swallow park I am completely opposed to yet another temporary licence to raise the height of there stockpile when they have been breaking there planning for years & Gloucester City council have ignored complaints from residence. They started this practice without planning in the first place& you as council let them get away with it, in the summer if there is the slightest wind there brick dust covers are cars, windows & garden furniture & you can feel it in the air. This is very unhealthy especially if you have small children & it covers the prams in there rubbish & they are breathing this in. I feel ( allstone ) have been breaking the rules long enough & should be stopped, I can’t wait for the new tenants to move on the triangle & let them get covered in there rubbish, not surprised you have problems getting any one to move there. This practice has created more lorries coming from outside of county not just Gloucester creating more noise. I believe this practice should be stopped now & prevent ( ALLSTONES) from abusing residence in swallow park, Alfred street & the triangle as they have done for years with city council permission. One irate resident, please council listen to residence & stop temporary licence.

  2. Armscroft gardens resident says:

    I have been a resident of Armscroft Gardens for two years and I have had to endure not just the sound but the DUST from Allstone stone crushing near my home.

    I have a child who plays in the garden during school holidays, on a few occasions my child has come in to the house to blow their nose and there has been light brown particles in his mucus.

    I am currently seeking Medical and legal advice about the adverse affects on my childs health and that of the rest of my family.

    After a day’s stone crushing the garden furniture and my child’s garden toys need to be wiped over extensively before they can be deemed fit for a human being to inhabit.

    Would this be acceptable anywhere else in this country? It makes a mockery of the so called Gloucester City council, when you realise that they have misguidedly given All Stone group permission to affect people’s health for the last three years.

    I hope that this has no lasting affect on my families respiratory health as if it does I will take appropriate action against those who let this happen.

    Is Gloucester city council really going to let Allstone have “temporary permission” for another three years……………………….

    • jeremyhilton says:

      The application will be determined by Gloucestershire County Council. I have objected to the planning permission and so have many residents. I am pleased that Gloucester City Council has also objected to the renewal of stone crushing for another three years.

  3. Osman says:

    This is mr maietta from 32 blinkhorns bridge lane armscroft we have suffered this for 20 years complained to EA, GCC AND THE COUNTY COUNCIL in my opinion and others there is corruption with in the enforcement section every planning condition set out by secutary of state when first planning was granted ,council have refused to take action against them even now so if you think conditions will protect us forget it . If anybody is interested I would like to get a group of people together to shut them down
    If any body is interested please call 07816069087

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