Five Questions to cabinet member for the fire & rescue service

The Tory cabinet member for the fire and rescue service is Will Windsor-Clive. I have asked him these written questions for council on Wednesday (26 Nov). He needs to be challenged regularly over what seems to be the Tory administration’s cavalier attitude towards this important emergency service. His answers will be published on this website when I have them.


Could you please provide me with the number of incidents that each of these stations were called out to in 2013/14 and the revenue cost of running each station?

· Gloucester South

· Gloucester North

· Cheltenham West

· Cheltenham East


Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service bid for funds available from the government’s £75 million Transformation scheme, to upgrade Tewkesbury Fire Station to improve water rescue facilities. Why did your bid fail?


What financial savings do you plan to make on the fire and rescue budget between now and 2018?


How many times has Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service been called out to deal with a fire started by an e-cigarette?


On the 17th October, the new fire minister, Penny Mordaunt MP attended the LGA Fire Commission to answer questions from portfolio holders and chairs of local fire authorities. You are this council’s appointed member of the LGA Fire Commission, why did you not attend this meeting to ask a question yourself and listen to what she had to say about the future direction of the fire and rescue service?

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  1. supinder says:

    hello I am updating our records, can you please supply me with the email address os Will Windsor-Clive. Thank you

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