Tory MP challenged over Europe

Here is my letter to Richard Graham the Tory MP for Gloucester over his suggestion we have a referendum on Europe

Dear Richard

I see from your email to me that you want a referendum on Europe, even though the coalition has passed legislation for this to happen if there are further transfers of power.

Why would you want to hold and in out referendum just for fun? The uncertainty would create instability in the economy and discourage inward investment. Many jobs in Gloucester could be put at risk.

Membership of the European Union is good for Britain. It is good for jobs and business. Good for international co-operation. In my lifetime, it has helped democratise many European countries. Membership of the European Union helps to protect the human rights of millions of people in Britain and across the continent.

If there is a referendum on Europe I shall be campaigning and voting to stay in. You may willing to appease UKIP, but I am not. Britain must retain its membership of the European Union. Why would you want to put our membership at risk!

The public in Gloucester need to know. If there was a referendum on the European Union, would you vote to stay in or get out?

Cllr. Jeremy Hilton
Kingsholm & Wotton

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